2.5 years – 3.5 years

Our Step 1 class is a dynamic and engaging lesson guided by music and created for fun!

Children are initiated into the world of gymnastics, learning the basics that will progressively see them performing gymnastics movements correctly.

Their experience of gymnastics apparatus is through obstacle courses along with pit fun, climbing, jumping and multi station tasks. They will be challenged to constantly improve gross motor skills, develop spatial awareness, control and movement of their major muscle groups.

Children love the opportunity to socialise whilst being nurtured and taught sharing, listening, following simple directions, all important social skill development.

Excitingly, gymnastics from this foundational level also stimulates brain growth! During classes a myriad of opportunities exist for practicing the skill of balance. The vestibular mechanism located in the middle ear is stimulated during gym class activities, which in turn boosts other areas of the brain to grow, such as the ocular area of the brain. Such an exciting outcome for being involved in our early movement program!


3.5 years – 4 years

Our Step 2 class is a lively, energetic lesson, honing gymnastics skills and challenging little bodies!

Children continue to learn the wonderful world of gymnastics, progressing skills such as rolling, swinging, jumping and balancing. Body positions such as tuck, straddle, pike and stretch (or layout) are instilled through repetition. More difficult skills such as backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels are attempted with the aid of the coach.

As important as these gymnastics’ skills are, the social skills of sharing, helping others and listening politely are taught and practiced. Children learn combinations of skills in order to improve their memory, along with learning proper gymnastics terminology.

Those ready will be extended to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics apparatus, including the beam and bars, whilst practicing them correctly and safely, all whilst having fun!


3.5 years – 4 years


4 years – 5 years

Our Step 3 class is action-packed bringing together the fundamentals of gymnastics, skills and maturity, creating great little gymnasts!

With an increased attention span and improved strength and flexibility, skills are acquired quickly, accelerating the learning process. By this stage children have the basic skills and are progressed to more challenging skills for vault, bars, beam, and tumbling. Coaches spot the children during each skill for safety and learning purposes. Children are more likely to listen more attentively, analyse others and assimilate the information given by their coaches.

All of this physical activity calls into play ocular pursuit of the eyes and when the eyes follow patterns from left to right, cognitive skills are enhanced for reading, enhanced memory development and vocabulary.

Children continue the fun circuit stations that involve longer skill combinations, encouraging problem solving and creative thinking. Through the presentation of proper progressions, spotting and practice, true skill acquisition is achieved, and children are thrilled to be able to confidently perform their physical skills!


5 years – 7 years

Teaching body awareness, co-ordination, increase flexibility and strength whilst giving children a love for gymnastics.

With most of the gymnastics foundations formed we will now move into working on technique and developing further on our strength and flexibility. Teaching body awareness and co-ordination whilst giving children a lifelong love for gymnastics.


5 years – 7 years

The cost is $15 per lesson and the lessons run all year round.

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